We are Pioneers in India since more than 30 years in Home Health Care!

Fall[S] Institute Of India (FII)

This is the 1st Institute in the world meant only for Prevention, Diagnosis & Treatment of Fall Disease [FD]  

Falls amongst seniors (individuals 65 years & older) have become a significant health concern in India. Falls are the leading cause of fatal & non-fatal injuries for Senior citizens all over the world. Falls threaten seniors’ safety & independence & generate enormous economic & personal costs. More than the one-third of seniors’ experience falls, which can have a disastrous physical & psychological impact, resulting in disability, chronic pain, loss of independence, reduced quality of life and even death, occurs.
When fall occurs, a growing number of older adults limit their activities & social engagements, which affects them mentally, socially, physically & emotionally too. They experience the feeling of helplessness, depression and other adverse effects that is dreadful for their health & wellness.

FII Founders

Dr. Sanjay Bajaj

Chief Innovative Officer
(CIO) & Founder, FII
Mo - 98230 13891

Dr. Sushrut Rajan

Co-Founder, FII Sanjeevani Hospital
Mo - 96730 50242

Dr. Madhukar Kherde

Kherde Hospital
Consultant Physician Diabetologist
Mo - 98225 62665

Our Mission


To make our organization an ACO [Accountable Care Organization] in the field of Home Care Medicine.


To give every deserving older Indian high-quality patient-centred care, who visits our Geriatrics Facility.

Our Gallery

Satisfied Customer


One of my senior colleagues Shri Deepakji Mishra gave me reference of Dr Sanjay Bajaj, Consultant Geriatrician. I am 60 yrs of age and I want to age well. I am ready to spend on prevention. I don’t want to get admitted in hospitals for various reasons. Dr Bajaj informed me that for protecting soft organs like brain, heart, lungs, kidneys and liver there are many wonderful vaccines. Once we take it, we are immunised and we become ‘VIP‘ i.e. Vaccinated, Immunised and Protected! He has innovated Life Time Immunisations Plan for senior citizens of various age groups, where you have pay only once initially, then you will get all vaccines till you are alive ! !
- Mrs Maya Nankani, Jaripatka   ( Mob.-99233 59805 )


I am 65 years of age. I met Dr Sanjay Bajaj, Consultant Geriatrician, in the Hip Joint Camp organised by Falls Institute Of India ( FII ), on 2 June 2019. He advised me to join the ‘ Falls Prevention Exercises Course‘ of 10 days. I have completed the course. Actually, I joined it for 10 more days. It is an excellent and scientific exercise course. Every postmenopausal women should learn all the four types of exercises namely Endurance, Strength, Flexibility and Balancing for maintaining a Health related Quality Of Life ( HrQOL). Your Bones will fight with Osteoporosis and Muscles will fight with Sarcopenia....
- Mrs Pramila Mathrani, Corporator, NMC, Jaripatka, Nagpur (Mob.-72190 13950)