Home Visit

Home Visit



1. You can get “Doctor” at your home for your parents/elders between 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (Except Sundays)

2. You can Activate Rs.12,222 plan for “Annual Medical Contract(AMC)” of your parents/elders at home.

3. If you are regularly out of city/country then you can get regular clinical details of your parents online.

4. Regular members are greeted on their birthday and anniversary days by hospital staff and if possible even by doctors [this is treated as complimentary house visit ]

5. You can do your business as you are not supposed to take your parents to any hospital. It will save your Time, Money & Energy.

6. We also take elderly person from house for check – up, keep them throughout the day with us and drop them to the house in the evening. In this expenses of vehicle food etc. all are complimentary.

7. Your medical expenditure is grossly reduced as they won’t need hospital admission. A stitch in time saves 90% admissions.

8. You, your family members, visitors and finally your parents [who are admitted in the hospital] are protected from infection that they many get from hospital admission.


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