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FALLS Prevention Clinic -
Falls is a Major Disease of Elderly. Out of 10 top killers Falls occupies No. 1 position all over world. It is very easy to prevent Fall. We must give importance to Prevention of Falls by knowing our Risk of falling.

FALLS Prevention Plan -
The Plan Details Are As Follows. 
 GEDPA means -“Geriatric Exercises With DEPRESCRIPTIONAL Physical Activity” 

Before hiring the Wonderful Plan Of GEDPA, one must understand the T & C of the plan . The aim is to Train a normal 60 + person in 10 days , for Next 20 yrs of Falls Free Mobile Life ! 
The T and C are as follows: 
1) One must have to 100 % Deposit the total fees . 
2) Refund Rules Are as Applicable. 
3) Pl understand total Break Up Of Fees . The Fees is Rs 21 k and consists of 
a) Training for 10 Days for Geriatric Exercises for 60 To 90 minuets depending on the Age, Sex and Clinical Profile Of the Beneficiary. 
b) Any one book written by Dr Sanjay Bajaj. 
c) Weight Cuffs ( 1 pair from 1/2 kg , 1 kg, 11/2kg and 2 kg ) for Lifetime Use, Suitable to the Exerciser. 
d) NCOA Guidelines Book . 
4) Dr Sanjay Bajaj’s daily training to the beneficiary ( if fit to do ) , this is to Cost Rs 2k per hour . This 2k is for working on the person for next 23 hours per day for 10 days . On last day “DEPRESCRIPTION “ , will be given . 
5) After coming to our Bajaj Nagar Geriatric Facility, in case he / she Is medically unfit and still Dr Bajaj is attending him /her coming in early morning hours , a fee of his One Hospital Consultation ₹500 will be charged . Means No Exercises , But Only Clinical Evaluation and Discussion. 
6) Any Customised modifications will involve extra charges.  “ THOSE WHO WISH TO BARGAIN, DOUBT OR DEBATE SHOULD NOT INVOLVE and CONTACT , PLEASE “. 

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